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moncler outlet Preparation of High Silicon Aluminu

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PostWysłany: Sob 23:50, 08 Sty 2011    Temat postu: moncler outlet Preparation of High Silicon Aluminu

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Preparation of High Silicon Aluminum Alloy and Properties

) 18 \c A 490C; d · 550'C more small organizations,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but because of powder metallurgical bond between the tensile strength is not in the three stress fracture characteristics under the strong influence 『fi = i 3 Conclusions 2.2 Mechanical Properties Mechanical Properties Fracture Behavior of lightning can be seen from Figure 3 High Silicon Guotai gold in different kinds of preparation and squeeze the lack of (rolling) temperature mechanical properties of Laos stretch, including vacuum bag sets the strength of the best hot extrusion, reaching more than l70MPa ., vacuum canning hot extrusion background will fracture the tensile specimens showed a brittle fracture from a macro point of view: but ignored the 4 can be seen. dimple-type fracture with ductile fracture characteristics, and particle reinforced metal matrix composites similar to the fracture behavior of ductile crack mainly from brittle silicon particles,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], some electricity from the silicon matrix and the binding sites of the interface: child care during elongation. With the increase of stress, deformation increases. dimple gradually torn. dimple formed around a large degree of plastic deformation processes tear ridge. save the fracture uneven. and a large urinate management platform consisting of the dimples and protrusions cup cone, the fracture mode is a dimple-type wear intergranular fracture: It is worth noting that the humble icon photos from the central region of the fracture extended sample, which shows Taijin fracture fracture fracture characteristics l Yu 4 (1) canning hot vacuum extrusion technology to prepare high-alumina alloy, the silicon phase small. in the extrusion when the temperature is 490 ℃. relative to the size of its si 2 ~ l0p.m, the primary silicon phase distributed uniformly in the matrix phase and the mechanical SUI d = three kinds of preparation methods can be also the optimal a = (2) gold spray deposited high silicon Guotai Health Organization,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], only tough d.AI silicon phase and matrix phase. but there is no eutectic structure, the primary silicon phase distributed uniformly in the matrix phase. is the shape of primary silicon block or granular, there is no doubt in the conventional cast structure or plate sheet strip there, but its mechanical properties are inferior to vacuum canning hot extrusion of the prepared pan with high silicon alloy material. (3) breaking E1 analysis. vacuum bag Hot Extrusion of high silicon aluminum alloy the fracture mode is transgranular fracture and intergranular fracture toughness of the mixed fracture form. References: [11Adolfis. JacobsonDM, O ~ lvyA.eyMeasL song n ∞ Rong oDOspreySpray-D ~ positedAI-SiAtto ~ IR】 UK: Aea ~ spaceands mouth aceMaterial ~ Technology.2002 [2】 Aiming constant battle. Sun Taijin can cast A1-Si and B in the interaction sr 【China Nonferrous Metals .2003.13 (2): 353 .359 [3] Zhang winding, XU Chun-xiang, HAN Fu silver. Recovering One had mushroom product quality on offer from the Si-Al-Taiwan organizations and the impact of pig ah 【J1 China also withdrew .200212 Metallurgy (Suppl I): 107 A l10 【41 Wei Pengyi, Hengzhi. roasting body mixing AI · t2% Si alloy microstructure refinement 【J] towel State Nonferrous Metals, 1996.6f1) :98-102 【5】 Fu Dingfa. Ren Sheng copper, peptone Zhenhua more vehicles {{repeated over jet-fan items A1-s1 were a Cu · Mg Taijin the San concept and mechanical properties of ¨ J_ towel University of Southern industry, 2000,3】): q45- g47 [61SfivastavaVC, MandalRK. . jhaSNMicrostructureandmechmaJcalpropertiesofA】 · Sialloysproducedbvsprayformingprocess [J1MaterialsScienceandEngineering2001A304 :555-558f7] 7KimWJ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], ye ∞ 3H, LJCSitperplaslicdeformatio. behaviorofsprey ~ lepositedhypereut ~ tieAI a 25% SialloyIJournaloftoysandCompouads. 20430.308:237-243 【Shen Jun. Dong Zhou Zhuang £ intoxicated built quickly to touch the aim of sexual love bow cardigan Taijin applications and Ji Cao giant smear Ken m_J1. Powder beam quasi-gold technique, 2000,18 (3) :208-21I_ thermal processing technology field * \

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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