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moncler daunenjacke Patented technology _422

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PostWysłany: Sob 17:04, 08 Sty 2011    Temat postu: moncler daunenjacke Patented technology _422

Patented technology

Results of Figure 5, after 30min at 300 ℃ with the furnace cooling insulation obtained microstructure. The average grain diameter 26ttm, Twins with banded organization disappeared. This is with the furnace cooling conditions on the best grain refinement. Air condition with the best results compared with the furnace cold get larger average grain diameter, it is because with the furnace cooling from the isothermal temperature (30o ℃ 1 down to room temperature for about 3h. Materials in the critical temperature of recrystallization will maintain on about 1h. This will inevitably lead to further growth of recrystallized grains; and when cooled to room temperature will be .2208 material around the grain is less than rice grown up too fast if the cooling rate. If using cold water to cool at room temperature . material to the water temperature in the 20s within the cooling will produce micro-cracks in the grain boundary, the larger the residual stress and deformation. led to the second processing plastic Fun poor I \San tissue Fig.5Micrographwithstovecoolingafter300 ~ Cx30mm was to I by the two test results known to the AZ3l magnesium alloy tube, 300oC heat 30rain under isothermal heat treatment followed by air cooling is the best process parameters: treatment temperature of 240 ℃, due to low temperature is not conducive to re- crystal nucleation. recrystallization was less than the energy required for experimental results show that even if the extended warranty Po temperature spike time to l20min refinement is also poor. 34O ℃ nucleation rate when the grain products lower stripping phase, growth rate and relatively fast. recrystallization refinement of the original organization will not achieve results, and the oxidation temperature of the material is more serious. 300 ℃ when the nucleation rate of recrystallized tung and the new president of a large grain ratio reached the maximum line speed. Therefore,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the formation of the end of recrystallization The finest grain products, and the isothermal treatment. twins is the core of heterogeneous nucleation, banded organization is also conducive to the nucleation and growth of recrystallization, as the crystallization of the SIT, the original formation of the new organization will help improve AZ3l room temperature ductility of magnesium alloy tubes static recrystallization. 3 Conclusions (1) isothermal heat treatment can effectively eliminate the static recrystallization of AZ31 magnesium Taijin towel tube is not conducive to large-size secondary plus 1I uneven grain, twin items, strip of tissue defects. 【2) pipe insulation sample at 300 ℃ for 30min followed by air cooling. can make the average particle diameter of goods from the original organization 5Om reduced to l9 \time with the furnace under the air cooling and cooling of two compared to the cold. Air condition better grain refinement. References: 『l_ Liya Wei. Peng Ning Cultural Affairs. Zhang Yan magnesium monitoring the Taiwanese students to study management structure refinement square-shaped 【J of heat processing technology. 20 (15, (I2) :74-76 【21 Cheng Yongqi. Ball Zhenhua. Summer bar military, and so named manager of the Az3l hot rolled magnesium Taijin ease the stamping shop pull material properties of maggots [non-ferrous metals .2006.2 ) :5-9I3] Qu Qiu-Ya. WANG Zhi-min. Yuan drugs such as magnesium extrusion units of AZ3I and performance of disk group Ji Rong port from ... J Xi'an University of Technology. 2002. {3) :254-258 【4】 AvedesianMM. BakerHASpeciaHandbook-MagnesiumandMagnesmm: d] oy 【M】 USA: A/ntematiom1.1999.84-965 Vico go toe MH metal hot spring management theory 【M1 North: Machine turns out I} community. 19871I2-134 Tin Patent title: Heat Treatment Equipment Patent Application No.: CN200420025440.4: Public Number: CN2685348 filing date :2004 -03-16: set to open on: 2005.03.16 applicants: Nanjing Yangtze River Electric Furnace Co., Ltd. The utility is a new type of heat treatment equipment heat treatment of aluminum alloy devices. Class I devices are added, including mechanical loading station, head melting furnace,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], quenching tank, aging jealousy,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cutting electrical control station buildings, feeding station,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], cutting station formed by the roller, feeding into the baskets will be jealous Taiwan within the cutting units to undertake the envy of the baskets. Metal parts from the loading platform, solution heater, Tianjin. Enough sugar, aging jealousy, cutting units are connected by roller chain drive. Roller speed motor drives the driving force. In order to transfer power roller evenly. Roller chain can bridge the connection. Solid solution furnace, aging furnace with direct heating and thermal cycling burner pipe heat treatment equipment with the utility model has a compact structure, the advantages of high thermal efficiency. Base,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and for automatic focus control. Practice the same production equipment yield the area of land occupied by periodic furnace area of land occupied only 1 / 3 \

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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