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Worthy collection of 146 folk remedies

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PostWysłany: Czw 19:16, 13 Sty 2011    Temat postu: Worthy collection of 146 folk remedies

First, the medical one, since the beginning of a cold: light blue (even have), ginger slices 5 money, water, a bowl of fried open, add appropriate amount of hot red Tong said the first dose (no dose of onion ginger), and immediately went to sleep, sweating Jiyu.
2, several days of cold: Use the same first day, Also, before going to sleep at night, with garlic mash, apply two Zuxin (Yongquan, soy tablets per Zuxin can apply) , cloth, thrown off the next morning, once every 2-3 days Jiyu.
3, headache (all kinds of headaches can be): a white radish juice, two drops of each drop of the nose (both nostrils are drops), twice daily, once every 4-5 days, you can dig up the roots. Jichi pepper, pepper.
4, dizziness (lightheadedness, dizziness): a duck, bean 20, stir boiling water, the morning flight, one day of this, for 7 days have effects. Avoid Chijiu, spicy.
5, insomnia, dreams: before going to bed with a half-basin of hot water, add one or two of vinegar foot soak for 20 minutes, and the raw light blue 1-2 roots.
6, dry cough (cold or other causes may be): raw black sesame seeds 3 money (about a spoon), crystal sugar, were broken open water the morning flight, 3 days recovery, eating fish.
7, cough with sputum (including acute bronchitis, bronchitis, children, bronchitis): white radish twenty-two, pear two liang, a bowl of water with chopped cooked add appropriate amount of crystal sugar consumption, the second day used in conjunction 3 days. Phlegm. With Article IX with the use.
8, Old bronchitis (chronic bronchitis): take the winter frost after playing one or two gourd vine *, licorice * a money, water, a bowl of decoction dose, the second day, once a half months to 20 days can cure. Avoid alcohol, spicy things, preferably with the use of Article IX.
9, chronic cough (cough caused by emphysema and bronchitis, etc.): alum one or two, and research into the flour into a paste with vinegar, soy freshman group to take every night before bed deposited Zuxin (Yongquan, two-legged are deposited), cloth, thrown off the next morning for 7 days have effects.
10, asthma (asthma in children with): dry earthworm * catty, fried yellow research into powder, with sugar water, blunt, a 2 money (about half a spoon flour) the second day, served Jiyu. Avoid spicy food thing.
11, stomach pain, spit acid, ptosis of the stomach, gastric inflammation: the first time in a couple of garlic, charred skin, plus a bowl of water to a boil, add the amount of sugar fasting food, the second day for 7 days to cure .
12, stomach ulcer twelve fat: 30 Chaojiao research egg shell powder, wheat flour, half a catty Chaojiao, even with the shake, morning and evening meals available. Boiled water, a 2 money (about half a spoon), the second day, usually a pair of cure serious illness to be the second payment.
13, hypertension, hyperlipidemia: * one or two of celery seed, wrapped with gauze and put 10 pounds of water decoction, early, middle and late drinking a cup. Not afraid of spicy, could, early in the evening eating raw garlic 2, a lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects.
14, heart disease, coronary heart disease: the first one or two of peanut shells, green beans 5 money, will prepare a bowl of soup dose, the second day, take a half months.
15, gastroenteritis, diarrhea: two each half Chaojiao with wheat flour, add water and mix thoroughly with the amount of sugar, before meals, clothing,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], day, 2-3 days of secondary effects. Jichi persimmon, banana, greasy.
16, dyspepsia (indigestion with children): 4, two fried chicken skin nap research into yellow powder, sugar water before meals with a blunt, the second day, a 2 money (about half a spoon), children half a served to, Jichi snail.
17, chest tightness, flatulence: white radish seeds * 5 money, will prepare a bowl of soup served three times a day, once every 3 days along with consumer product gas effect.
18, neurological decline: 1 Porcine two, add a spoon of honey, steamed food, once daily, ate 5-10 days.
19, anemia: chickens, ducks, will the blood flow in a clean white paper, dried bunched up into powder, with wine transfer service, a half-spoon flour, the second day, and even served a half months. Avoid kelp.
20, heat dry mouth: reed rhizome *, mung beans all 5 money, plus a bowl of water to boil, add appropriate amount of crystal sugar, to eat bean soup reed rhizome, Japan second service, even for 3 days. Fluid lungs, Reduce Pathogenic Fire antipyretic.
21, chronic hepatitis: time with Rhizoma Imperatae * In two burning soup bowl of water services, three times a day, which normally takes a half months service, avoid spicy things.
22, gallbladder, kidney, urinary tract stones: The Gallus gallus domesticus, 50 grams of corn, fried a bowl of soup a dose, 2-3 times per day, and even served 10 days. Jichi liver, fat, egg yolk.
23, acute and chronic renal inflammation: 4 blackfish around a double, to scales, intestine, green tea 2 money, including the use of wire strapped into the belly, plus a bowl of Shuizhu Shu, fish soup, day one, ate 10-15 days. Ji Jiu, salt, bananas, and sexual intercourse.
24, cholecystitis: melon seeds, bean fried a bowl of soup of the 5 money, one dose. Three times a day, once every 10 days.
25, Diabetes: a porcine pancreas, melon skin a couple of add Shuizhu Shu, less add some oil, salt and spices (Do not add wine, sugar) eat, one day, ate 20 days.
26, poor memory: a goose egg, stir into the bowl add the amount of sugar, steamed morning flight, ate 5 days, have a clear educational function of the brain, have effects on memory enhancement, Jichi kelp , pepper, animal blood, wine, green beans.
27, difficulty in urination: willow leaves a couple of fried a bowl of soup a dose, the second day ,2-3 days to pass the urine clear.
28, urinary incontinence (urinary urgency, can not control): Intestinal pair, washed and dried, fried yellow research into powder, rice wine delivery service, every time a money, three times a day, served Jiyu. Avoid ginger, spicy.
29, urinary frequency (urinating more often): Health and leek seed * 3 two, and research into a powder, each 2 money with warm water, the second day, which normally takes 2-10 days service. Avoid tea, milk.
30, constipation (dry stool guitar, bowel problems): a bowl with the cooked pumpkin, add lard 5, salt and eat the right amount of money and, once daily, once effective, 3 can be more.
31, dysentery, diarrhea: two each with the garlic, set fire to the burned skin and cook soup bowl of water, air services, the second day, once every 3 days to anti-inflammatory detoxification, treatment Jiuxie unhealed particularly effective.
32, snore: pepper 5-10 tablets, a glass of water before going to bed with open blisters, cold water to be post-dose (pepper against the next), even for 5 days, will no snoring.
33, hiccup: a small bar with a fingernail, light smelling, lasts.
34, motion sickness: car cut a slice of ginger with the mouth when, or with a patch to the navel (this provision during pregnancy), education for severe motion sickness can be used with the two parties, there are special effects.
35, stroke: a two-day drink only raw celery juice, mild disease who served a half months, who served from January can be more seriously ill, Jichi lamb, duck.
36, neuropathy (also known as epilepsy, epilepsy sheep, crazy disease, Fox Tai Sin): * 3 two of dried peach, knife and cut into fine, divided into ten, each one, with a light at the onset of alum water delivery service, the second day, 5 Tianyi treatment, once every 3 courses.
37, Hyperthyroidism: Dioscorea bulbifera * 9-12 grams, with three bowls into a bowl of water to cook once a day; another 50 grams of foam used 1 kg of liquor, served a two metabolic rate, 5-8 weeks significantly reduced.
38, chronic enteritis: an egg, half of the two liquor, mix, every night before bedtime.
Second, pediatric
39, children with influenza (including infants): ginger 5 money, half a bowl of boiled water, add brown sugar to open dose, the second day, 2 days can be more.
40, pertussis (and baby asthma): garlic head, peeled and smashed add sugar 3 money, more than half of a couple of hours later washed with water, two days to cure cough, asthma infants, have effects.
41, enuresis in children: a Health and light blue, smashed every night before bed deposited navel, cloth, thrown off the next morning, 3-5 days, cured.
42, Yeti: adults with a handful of green tea chew put in the mouth, apply every night before bed pediatric navel, cloth, thrown off the next morning, 3 days.
43, infantile diarrhea, abdominal distension: a garlic, charred skin, then with half a bowl of water to a boil, add the amount of sugar served soup, once daily, usually two or three days to digestion and diarrhea.
44, night sweats (night sweats with adult): Lao Doufu half a catty, cut paste pot firing bar, plus a bowl of water, sugar amount, Shao Tang Pakistan together with food, every night before bedtime for 3 days recovery.
45, play worms: raw pumpkin seeds 20, shelled before meals, flight attendants, one eating the next day with the insects to defecate.
46, often ** itch: Solutions to paste a piece of wet injury, every night before going to sleep paste **, and thrown off the next morning, once every three days.
47, Xiaoeryanshi (do not think of a meal): Hawthorn * 3 money, chicken skin a nap money, plus bowl Shui Zhushu before meals eaten, the second day, ate for three days, with appetizer, digestive effect.
48, abdominal pain (abdominal pain with adult): deposited with an orange peel in the navel. Salt and then half a catty sizzling (not too hot), deposited in the orange peel, the pain immediately.
49, eating junk: leek half a catty, not chopped, fry some more lard, once eaten, debris can be discharged with the stool.
50, molar: a raw orange peel to eat before going to bed every night, ate 2-3 days, treating pediatric and adult sleep molars.
51, drooling (adults, elderly people with sleep drool method): Loach half a catty, gutted roasted research into powder, rice wine blunt, a second money, once daily, can be served.
52, calcium deficiency in children: 5 money each with shrimp, seaweed and a two, with soup, salt, edible oil, used in conjunction half a day.
53, mumps: 1:1 with vinegar and ink well, with a brush dipped in this, applied to the affected area 5-6 times a day, usually two or three days cheeks swollen from the consumer.
54, intestinal gas: 5 ginger juice money, give children a bath, until the whole body sweating, rubbing the affected area with the ginger, the second day, once every three or four days later no recurrence.
55, the examination room sedative prescription: students writing the exam immersive battlefield, often due to excessive tension, so that your produce palpitation, the phenomenon of stage fright, and thus can not function properly and fallen off. This paper introduces a unilateral: Suanzaoren *, green beans and one each in two to cook a bowl of soup once finished, the second day, power to begin serving two days before the exam, to test the end, there are sedative effect.
Third, surgical
56, arthritis, frozen shoulder (including rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis): consumption of fine salt 1 kg, put the pot sizzling, add onions to be, ginger 3 money, together with a cloth, wrap the affected area while hot to cold salt; once daily, once a week, with the effect of dampness Herd.
57, injured workers back pain: * one or two leaves, one or two crab shell yellow fried, dip a pound of liquor, wine coated the waist three days, 2-3 times a day, 7-10 days, can be cured for many years low back pain.
58, renal deficiency, low back pain: silk seeds half a catty, fried yellow research into a powder. Liquor delivery service, every time a money, the second day, served Jiyu. The governing party also low back pain after childbirth.
59, sciatica: a pound of edible thin salt, sizzling Hou Jiayi leaves * one or two, wrap the affected area with a cloth to salt and cold, one day, once every 5-10 days. (Salt can be repeated every day use).
60, cervical pain: sheep bones (raw, cooked may be) two two smashed fried yellow, dip white wine 1 kg, three days after wiping the neck, three times a day, usually 15 days, however, can cure.
61, bone spurs (hyperostosis): couple of dog bones, smashed fried yellow dip white wine 1 kg, three days after the affected area with rubbing alcohol (preferably with a cup of food for this wine), three times a day, needed a half months can be more.
62, leg cramps: * one or two mulberry fruit, fried one drink a bowl of soup, the second day, 5 days recovery.
63, numbness of the limbs: * one or two old loofah bars, fried a bowl of soup a dose, the second day, and even served a week, with special effects.
64, internal and external hemorrhoids: a large cement per day, will cover removed. Money into borneol * 1, 5 minutes to take Tu ** snail water, 2 times a day, 7 days recovery, avoid Chijiu, spicy thing.
65, shot agglomeration: the potatoes cut into half cm thick slices and wrap the affected area, and then hot towels cover, the second day, a 20-minute mass dissipation ,2-3 days.
66, body odor: pepper, pepper the 50, and research into powder, then add borneol * 2 money, with medical alcohol and mix thoroughly, take a day a small group of painted surface of the skin and attached with adhesive tape good for one day, once a half can be eradicated.
67, crooked eye and mouth (facial nerve palsy): eel blood painted face, painted on the left of the left askew, and wipe with the palm of your hand from left to right repeatedly, every 2 minutes, the second day, to do the right anti-distortion is , once a three or four days is positive.
68, prolapse of the rectum (solution stool ** off): half a catty each with chives, fried open water wash ** 2 pounds, the second day, wash three days.
69, stiff neck (as a pillow or sleeping position discomfort caused by neck pain): leek juice heated neck rub, rub seven or eight days. 2-3 days to cure.
70, quit smoking: a couple of dried pumpkin vine *, fried Tonga amount of brown sugar a serving bowl, three times a day, 7 days and never want to smoke.
71, alcohol: a live eel, put a bottle of liquor, dip two days after the wine, 1 1-2 two or three times a day, will never want to drink alcohol after serving drop of wine.
72, alcohol is not drunk: Gegen * 1 money, drink water before drinking a cup and then drink alcohol solvable, so people will not drunk.
73, scabies (old rotten feet): sizzling tofu, wrap the affected area with cloth, for one day, cure bad feet long-suppressed shut.
74, lymphatic system: inquiry into the snail shells fried yellow powder, sesame oil and mix thoroughly with dressing the affected area for one day, once every 7-10 days.
75, longevity health wine: magnet, fleece-flower root *, jujube, walnut, medlar * the one or two, dip white wine or rice wine jin, two days after eating at regular drinker at the wine, such as the elderly can face ruddy Changyin to enhance resistance to disease, a delay aging effect.
four, dermatology
76, pruritus: fresh chives, Taomi Shui, with a good weight by 1:10, the first two hours and then soaked together with chives boil, to leek washed itches or bath, once effective, not washed with water over the body, once daily, three days, never again to wash the itch.
77, psoriasis, stubborn psoriasis (psoriasis): Oriental Arborvitae *, sage *, each 200 grams Tribulus terrestris * 40 grams, a total of research thick end, put gauze bags, boiling water, boiled small fires 6 kg cook for 30 minutes, coated wash the affected area 3 times a day.
78, neurodermatitis (or allergies, or seasonal occurrence): Lao Doufu three, four ounces Chaojiao, coated with sesame oil and mix thoroughly the affected area 3 times a day, three or four days have effects.
79, eczema (skin from the red spots, blisters, itching): 3 with two Chaojiao inquiry into the mung bean powder, vinegar and mix thoroughly coated with the lesion, the second day, and even painted a week to cure. Avoid pepper, pepper.
80, hives, prickly heat: daily fresh leek juice coated surface of the skin, one that was effective, three times a day ,2-3 days Jiyu.
81, Vitiligo: ebony * 30-50 grams of alcohol, soaked in 100 ml of 95%, 2 weeks after the filter alum * plus 5 ml DMSO, rub the affected area 3 times a day, every Rub 5 minutes.
82, luck, athlete's foot: two raw garlic, peeled and soaked into the 3 days within half a catty vinegar, garlic and then rub the affected area 3 times a day. Used 7-10 days, anti-inflammatory effects and kill bacteria.
83, hand sweat, sweat too much: alum * 5 money, hot water, 2 pounds, with melted dipping hands and feet, a 10-minute, let the natural air dry after dipping, once daily, 5 days after the normal hands and feet sweat .
84, hand, foot and cracking, rough: raw lard twenty-two, add sugar 1 money. Even wiping the hands and feet pound a day 2-3 times. Grams of the more common 7 days, then rub a few days later and never relapse.
85, frostbite is not broken: 5 money pointed pepper, white wine or alcohol into the bottle with half a catty Baptist 3 days after the beginning of frostbite, skin irritation fever coated surface of the skin, day five, with special effects, Used ten days to half recovery root, in the coming year and never relapse.
86, frostbite has been broken: old cotton (the more worn the better) burning ash, coated with sesame oil and mix thoroughly the affected area three times a day.
87, Liriodendron wind, onychomycosis: vinegar 1 kg Aozhi half a catty, add a peeled garlic, two future second hand dip with vinegar every day, once for 10 minutes, then washed with water immersion , 7 days can be.
88, sore, boil, boil: raw potato mash, coated surface of the skin with a cloth, for a day, usually 5 days can be.
89, corns, Hou child: first the external surface of the skin eliminate old skin, and then coated with cool oil, fire, cigarettes smoked, to insist on a little pain when removed after the fireworks, the second day, 5 days off is not fat .
90, burns: You can use egg white, sugar water, vinegar, honey, as soon as painted in the burn wound, they will not blister and easy to good.
91, Meteors, erysipelas (more patients in the lower limbs, skin redness, swelling, pain and fever associated with chills, fever, headache): leaf juice mixed with fresh golden loofah powder * into a paste, coated with the lesion, oral three Miao Wan * proprietary wonders.
92, mosquito bites (redness, itching): You can use garlic, ginger rub or vinegar, toothpaste, salt water, cigarette ash, add water and mix thoroughly coated, immediate results can be itching, swelling detoxification.
six, ENT
111, toothache (neurological, allergic, pain, tooth decay may be): 10 tablets pepper, white wine or two, the pepper soaked in wine, the ten minutes after the mouth with wine, a few minutes that is effective, 2 times a day every 10 minutes, 3-4-day recovery.
112, periodontitis, gingivitis: with an equal amount of egg white, stir a drink, including the mouth, spit out after 5 minutes, the second day (day one egg), 2-3 days of anti-inflammatory pain.
113, dental bleeding (often caused by bleeding or brush your teeth): 10 tablets pepper, vinegar two or three, dip two days after the mouth with a time 3 minutes 2 times a day for 5 days have effects.
114, electro-optical nature of pink eye: the eye employing trickle-down milk, eyes closed for 10 minutes, the second day, a second drop, with special effects, avoid spicy.
115, conjunctivitis (pink eye non-EO): The green tea water, wash 3-5 times a day,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], usually 2-3 days of anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial effect. Avoid Chijiu, spicy thing.
116, tearing eyes, trachoma: dry mulberry leaf * 1 two, plus a bowl of water to a boil, wash 3-5 times a day, once a week.
117, vision loss (the old light, the old flowers, depending on the material is unclear): White Chrysanthemum * 2 money, medlar * 2 money, with the water brewing day (one can be soaked three times), and even drink half to January, with the effect of water eyesight. Avoid spicy food thing, kelp.
118, steal the eye of a needle: The needle with the needle nose repeatedly rubbing the affected area, and squeeze a little harder, 2-3 times a day, not the 2nd can be cured.
119, cataracts (cloudy crystal, so vision loss): * 250 grams Tribulus terrestris, Yang Gan 250 grams, 200 grams of sugar, and research for the end of 15 grams per serving, served on the 2nd, 8 weeks effective.
120, glaucoma (high pressure inside the eye, corneal edema, or was hazy, vision loss): a pair of pig eyes, plus a couple of cooked green beans, and then refuel, Salt to taste, to eat one day, ate and a half months to make it easy for the eyes, eyes bright.
121, otitis media (ear long pipeline, the flow concentration, pain): 5 fresh leek juice money, adding alum half the money, melted drops of the ear, a 1-2 drops 2 times a day for 5 days .
122, tinnitus and deafness: Angelica * 15 money, 30 grams of black beans, brown sugar 30 grams, Shuijianbi, 2 times, 2 weeks effective. Chrysanthemum * 30 grams, reed rhizome * 30 grams, 30 grams of melon skin *, Shuijianbi, 2 times a day, 2 weeks effective.
123, insect ears: The cat urine drop, ear drop, the bugs will be automatically out. (Cat urine extraction method: a large flap with garlic, peeled and rub cat nose, cat or pee).
124, mouth sores (also known as Yang Wu sores in the mouth called oral ulcers): vinegar, mix equal amount of distilled water, coated surface of the skin, day 5, once every 2-3 days, can be anti-inflammatory analgesic, with excellent results.
125, sore throat (throat dry and pain, foreign body sensation, acute and chronic can be): a green tea bubble tea about 2 two of water, add half the two honey stir well, and throat rinse several times a day slow swallow, one day, 3-5 days, anti-inflammatory analgesic, wet throat, treatment of acute and chronic pharyngitis. Jichi tobacco, alcohol, spicy food of all there is.
126, tonsillitis (initiated by the two sides of throat swelling, pain, mainly in the cold after the general): one or two black fungus, stir dry research into a powder, each with a half spoon of oral powder and honey and mix thoroughly, even the second day for 5 days and never again send (this side is attack with tonsillitis)
127, sound mute (cough, talk too much, singing, causes such as the well done sound dumb): egg, beat into the bowl, a piece of vinegar, stir steamed food, day one, ate 2-3 days, the sound loud. Avoid spicy.
128, bad breath: * reed rhizome (fresh and dry can be) one or two, add crystal sugar bowl decoction taken orally, once daily, morning flight, and even served a week. Qinghuo detoxification, stomach fire heat treatment.
129, Fishbone card throat: the lesser of vinegar with a good drink can. If not, use a spoon to drink saliva duck, fish bone can be automated away. (Taking ducks saliva method: using a ginger and put it into the beak, and then hung upside down duck, duck that is drooling.)
130, rhinitis (including allergic, atrophic, and sinusitis, some discharging water, the nose more, and some smelling insensitive): Use a piece of yellow brick, set on fire burns, remove, will be a spoon pour vinegar on the hot bricks, when there are a lot of hot air on the risk, patients with the smell of its hot, the second day for 7 days, the elimination heat, inflammation, detoxification Tongqiao, cure various types of rhinitis, with special effects.
131, nosebleeds: Oujie *, reed rhizome * equivalent, together with chopped, fried a bowl of water to drink, the second day, once every 5, the heat to stop bleeding, and never relapse.
seven, beauty
132, except facial wrinkles: two spoons of fresh cucumber juice, add equal amount of egg white (about one egg), stir, sleeping every night before you wash your face, then apply facial wrinkles at the next morning wash with warm water, once a half to January, the gradual contraction of the skin to eliminate wrinkles with special effects.
133, thick black skin: skin whitening by the cosmetic only temporary cover sheet is not a cure rule, a rule is to introduce you to the table while the real root of the problem can make the skin white whitening recipe, both simple and special effects: using white vinegar \ 5:1 mixture of glycerol by, and often rub the skin (day two \ three) can make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition in January after the soft white skin that is delicate, clean and smooth and elastic, full of beauty. (This side is valid for genetic black).
134, in addition freckles: Almond * 5 money, and research into a fine powder, mix thoroughly with egg, painted face every night before bed, wash with warm water next morning, a 10-15 at a markedly, after not made.
135, cinnamon classes \ Hudie Ban: melon juice \ equal amount of white vinegar, and mix thoroughly coated face, 2-3 times per day for 10 minutes and wash after coating . Used a half months in addition to the net.
136, except facial pigmented spots: fresh tomato juice \ honey, mixed at 5:1, coated face, wash off after 10 minutes, once every 10-15 days, can break down the melanin skin changes ruddy.
137, except acne (wine thorn \ Qingchun Dou \ acne): fresh cucumber juice \ equal amount of white vinegar and mix thoroughly, wash with hot water first and then painted face, three times a day, after James had wash with warm water for 10 minutes, once a half months to heal, after not old.
138, in addition mole: scorched peanut mashed, mix thoroughly with alcohol, painted moles, painted every night before bed and wrap times wash away the morning, once every half divisible, (large mole to be coated, January).
139, hair loss \ dandruff \ head itch: each with mulberry root bark * 4 money, water jin, boil wash , once daily, washed with water not too far for 5 days, can promote blood circulation of scalp, hair-fixing role and governance of dandruff \ head itch, renewable hair.
140, alopecia areata \ bald: Press 134 use, and rub the scalp with the old ginger 3-5 times daily, and 134 with the use of a half months, after a month or two will not re-grow a thick hair.
141, hair brightening: Beer \ vinegar Press 2:1 mixture. daily moisture with a towel and apply a hair once, once a half months.
142, white hair black: Polygonum * \ the couple of black sesame seeds, dry fried with crush them with sugar water transfer service, each 3 times the money, once daily, and even served a half months, could be kidney healthy hair. bogey beans.
143, weight: dry lotus leaf * \ * 1:2 dried gourd with a good skin day in one or two bubbles a pound or so of hot water to drink, there are thick and greasy to \ the effect of hand-scraping of oil, avoid fat.
144, lean people gain weight: two eggs, playing in a bowl, add tomato sauce natives and the amount of sugar a spoon with the same amount of open water into a half-cooked food once a day, morning flight (which can also eat the thin yellow egg) ate in January, the future will gradually gain weight.
145, white teeth: with salt \ baking soda equivalent, to join tune into toothpaste-like, brush your teeth once a day ,3-4 days for all except the surface stain teeth, making teeth white.
146, except hairs \ beard (hirsutism): the old battery powder \ bases powder volume, and mix thoroughly with medical alcohol, over 5 minutes to automatically wash away a day 7 days a 5-hairs \ beard to fall off, there will be no recurrence of skin allergies in this side, no stimulation , without any side effects.

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